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Woodsideswag 150g
$12.98 each
Woodside Lemon Myrtle 150g
$12.98 each
Woodside Cheese Saltbush Chevre 150gm
$12.98 each
Tasmanian Short Cut Bacon
$31.18 per kg
Tasmanian Rasher Bacon 250g
$8.30 each
Tasmanian Rasher Bacon 250g
$8.30 each
Swiss Gruyere
$62.38 per kg
Sun Dried Tomatoes
$19.74 per kg
Skara Proscuitto 100g
$10.38 each
Skara Dry Cured Bacon 150g
$9.34 each
Sicilian Olives
$25.98 per kg
Shadows Of Blue
$62.38 per kg
Semi Dried Tomatoes 200g
$3.62 each
Sartori Bella Vitano Esspresso
$79.02 per kg
Sartori Bella Vitano Cinnamon
$77.98 per kg
Sartori Bella Vitano Chipotle
$74.86 per kg
San Daniele Prosciutto 20mth
$65.50 per kg
Salumi Salame Casareccio
$56.14 per kg
Salt Kitchen Wagyu Bresaola
$119.58 per kg
Salt Kitchen Mortadella
$35.34 per kg
Saint Agur
$103.98 per kg
Rogue Special Reserve Blue
$162.22 per kg
Rodriguez Semi-Curado Chorizo
$36.38 per kg
Roasted Artichokes
$30.16 per kg
Roast Porchetta
$31.18 per kg
Rindless Short Bacon
$19.74 per kg
Queso Manchego
$72.78 per kg
Queso De Oveja Con Flores
$67.58 per kg
Quattro Tartufo Salami
$57.18 per kg
Prosciutto & Pistachio Salami
$56.14 per kg
Poachp Ham Sliced 200g
$9.56 each
Poachp Class Prosciutto 70g
$9.88 each
Poachp Bacon Streaky 200g
$12.22 each
Pickled Octopus
$54.06 per kg
Peter Bouchier Rare Roast Beef
$43.66 per kg
Peter Bouchier Kabana
$11.42 each
Pecorino Romano
$55.10 per kg
Parmigiano Reggiano
$14.14 each (approx.) $70.70 per kg
Pacdon Pork Pie 250g
$7.26 each
Pacdon Park Black Pudding
$9.86 each
Ocean Blue Mini Blinis 168g
$6.79 each $4.04 per 100g
Occelli In Foglie Di Castagno
$124.80 per kg
Occelli Al Malto D'orzo Whiskey
$145.58 per kg
Nicko's Tasmanian Shortcut Bacon 250g
$8.84 each
Mt Zero Pitted Kalamata Olives
$31.18 per kg
Made in Vic
Mrs Payne's Pepper & Lemon Smoked Trout Fillet 140g
$10.36 each
Mrs Payne Smoked Trout Pate 140g
$6.95 each
Mild Sopressa
$28.06 per kg
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